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  • Patient demographics including insurance and all known drug allergies and current medications
  • Copy of the most recent culture (along with sensitivities if available) or DNA sequencing report
  • Other pertinent information or requests such as wound size and location


Pharmacists at Professional Arts Pharmacy will review all reports and pertinent information and then create a recommendation for topical therapy, taking into account the clinical assessment and patient’s prescription insurance coverage.


We will fax a recommendation to your office for approval within 24 hours after receiving the culture and sensitivity report. If approved, we will proceed with contacting the patient, counseling on prescribed therapy, and dispensing the prescription(s) via complimentary overnight shipping.


We will follow up with your patient to ensure understanding and compliance with their medication protocol and to check on their progress.

"As a practicing ENT and fellowship-trained rhinologist, I have a wide spectrum of complexity in my patient population. I rely on Professional Arts Pharmacy for clinical recommendations when I use culture-directed therapy and they are one of the few pharmacies that can provide the customized medication regimens my patients need. The fact that Professional Arts dispenses both hard-to-find commercially available and compounded medications along with the delivery devices necessary to irrigate the sinuses with antibiotics, steroids and antifungals and provides exemplary patient education differentiates it from any pharmacy I have worked with."

- Adil A. Fatakia, M.D. - New Orleans, Louisiana

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