Pharmacy has become increasingly complex and expensive.

Clinical Complexity

Every patient’s story is unique, and their medications and care plans should be treated as such. Chronic conditions require far more complex treatments and clinical interventions. Because of this complexity, approximately 30-50% of US adults are not adherent to long-term medications.

Rising Costs

Prescription drug prices have been consistently rising year after year. Additional costs are created when more complex clinical interventions are needed. Navigating these rising costs and insurance coverage requirements can be difficult and confusing.

Professional Arts Specialty Pharmacy offers a wide range of specialized medications and services to meet the unique needs of the patients, prescribers and manufacturers we serve.

We go beyond just filling prescriptions.

We work with patients, doctors, insurance plans, and pharmaceutical manufacturers to help patients get access to the medications they need, while providing support throughout the patient journey to deliver the best possible health outcomes. We do the heavy lifting and provide support throughout the entire process.

Our highly qualified staff provides the following specialty services:

  • Best-in-Class turnaround times to get the medications to patients as quickly as possible.
  • Coordination of care with prescribers and other members of the patient’s care team.
  • Patient counseling and extensive patient education programs.
  • Patient Management Programs that include follow up calls to ensure patients understand how to use their medication and interventions to improve their response to therapy.
  • Support throughout the insurance approval process such as benefits investigation, prior authorization assistance and financial assistance, if necessary.
  • Pharmacists available 24 hours a day, seven days a week for emergencies.