We have everything you need to succeed.


We are relationship-driven. Our staff provides an unmatched level of service and support for both prescribers and patients – helping to alleviate time-consuming tasks and increase the efficiency of your practice.


From the quality of our teams to our excellent customer support, best-in-class turnaround times and reliable delivery – our clinical expertise and experienced staff make the difference for your practice and your patients.


We have the resources to fill your patients’ orders accurately and quickly such as a call center, a state-of-the-art lab, and advanced technology, but it is our human touch that is top priority and differentiates us.

Prescribing Options

1) Fax using an order form to 855-724-6797 (be sure to include patient demographics and insurance information)

2) E-Scribe to Professional Arts Phcy 128 Curran Lane

3) Call 888-237-4737 or 337-991-0101 to give a verbal telephone prescription order


Ready to take the next step?

Professional Arts Specialty Pharmacy values the relationships we maintain with health care providers. For that reason, we have dedicated staff who:

  • Understands your needs.
  • Works directly alongside your team to help keep care on track.
  • Provides patients with all of the tools, resources, and equipment they need to start and stay on therapy.

Fill in your contact information, and a Professional Arts Account Manager will be in touch within one business day.

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