Veterinary Compounding Services

Custom Compounded Medications for pets of all kinds

Compounding Pet Medication

Professional Arts Pharmacy specialized in vet compounding pharmacy for animal medication

Professional Arts Pharmacy provides specialized compounding services to veterinarians and pet owners. Veterinary compounding is appropriate when:

  • The drug is not available in the desired strength or particular dosage form.

  • The manufacturer has discontinued a medication. Please note that while we can often compound discontinued medications, they may not be in the original dosage form.

  • The medication is on extended back order.

  • The animal is sensitive to a non-active ingredient in a mass-manufactured product such as lactose, dyes or preservatives.

  • Patient/Owner compliance or convenience needs to be improved with animal-friendly flavoring, alternative dosage forms, or combining medications.

Professional Arts Pharmacy helps pets take medication easier.With Capsules, treats medicaiton, oitments, oral gels.
We compound medicines into the following veterinary dosage forms. 
  • Capsules

  • Chewable treats

  • Flavored preparations

  • Oral flavored suspensions *most common

  • Otic solutions

  • Rectal suppositories

  • Topical creams, ointments, & lotions

  • Transdermal gels *most common

Below are the most common flavors for animal type. Flavors can be customized to the animal’s favorite flavor or preference. 
  • Dogs – Bacon-liver, Chicken, Peanut-Butter 

  • Cats – Tuna, Chicken

  • Hamsters – Fruit Flavors, Molasses 

  • Birds & Ferrets – Fruit Flavors