Customized Topical Medications for Skin Infection and Wound Care Management 

Bacterial and fungal skin infections are common, ranging in severity from mild and annoying to life-threatening. Professional Arts Pharmacy offers customized Topical Skin Infection Management therapies including medication types such as antibiotics, antifungals, and anti-inflammatories. 


Topical therapy allows for the application of these medications directly to the infected tissue. Topical medications can be prescribed in a variety of dosage forms including ointment application where maintenance of a moist environment is preferable, dry powder application where maintenance of a dry environment is preferable, as well as sprays and solutions for large, sensitive areas. Medications can even be delivered via a foot soak or saturated gauze treatment. Customized topical therapy provides flexibility to use what is best for a specific patient’s unique situation. 

Culture Review Service

Availability of Culture & Sensitivity or DNA Molecular Medication Recommendation Service

Professional Arts Pharmacy customizes Topical Infecton Management

Professional Arts Pharmacy offers a complimentary culture and sensitivity and/or DNA molecular review service to determine the ideal topical anti-infective medication for an individual suffering from a chronic infection. When requested by physicians, we can make medication recommendations based on the specific pathogen present as well as the patient’s prescription insurance coverage. This service allows us to offer an effective and affordable treatment option to patients with chronic infections when other treatment options have failed. 

Instructional Mixing Medication for Skin Infection