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What is a Specialty Pharmacy?

Our pharmacy provides a wide range of specialty services to support unique medical needs.

The medications involved are often more complex to maintain, administer and/or monitor than traditional drugs or they involve complex insurance coverage requirements, so they require additional support by our highly trained staff.  

We go beyond just filling prescriptions. We work with patients, doctors, insurance plans, and pharmaceutical manufacturers to help patients get access to the medication they need.

Our highly qualified staff provides the following specialty service:

  • Coordination of care with prescribers and other members of your care team.

  • Patient education and medication adverse effect counseling.

  • Patient management such as adherence support and proactive patient outreach for prescription refill and renewal.

  • Support throughout the insurance approval process such as benefits investigation and prior authorization assistance. 

  • Financial and billing assistance to keep drug costs as low as possible.

  • In-stock medications for rapid fulfillment and shipping coordination.

  • Pharmacists available 24 hours a day, seven days a week for emergencies.



Easy Patient Care and Support.

When your doctor prescribes you a specialty medication, you need expertise and extra attention that is hard for a retail pharmacy to provide.


Devoted to Patient Care.

We know that your priority is providing the best patient care and achieving positive outcomes. Let us be your partner!

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Affordable & Positive Outcomes

We want to provide support to you for appropriate, cost-effective patient care. We understand that you want to closely oversee the prescribing and utilization process.


Experts in Comprehensive Care

Leading manufacturers select Professional Arts Pharmacy as a partner for specialty drugs based on our clinical capabilities and reputation in the healthcare community.