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Devoted to Patient Care

We know that your priority is providing the best patient care and achieving positive outcomes. Let us be your partner! We can assist you and your team with lengthy medication paperwork processes so that you can focus on your patients. We can improve patient health outcomes together!

We help you with the Paperwork!

Our team is experienced at managing prior authorizations. Our goal is to navigate the process for you, reducing “phone tag” between us, the insurance plan, and your office, ensuring that your patients can get access to the medications they need while reducing administrative hassles for your practice.

We have Resources!

If your patient cannot afford the cost of their medication, even with drug coverage from their insurance company, we can find out whether they qualify for financial assistance programs from drug manufacturers and other sources.

We are Outcome Focused!

We often perform mid-therapy calls to patients for select medications and disease states to address potential adverse effects or adherence issues. We will inform you of any matters that may prevent positive outcomes, so we can work on a solution together.