Experts in comprehensive care management.

Leading manufacturers select Professional Arts Pharmacy as a partner for specialty drugs based on our clinical capabilities and reputation in the healthcare community. We are here to help you get your specialty medication into the hands of appropriate patients. We can provide the value, access, and expertise our patients and partners need to achieve our common goal of positive patient outcomes.

We provide data and insights.

As part of our pharmacy-manufacturer partnership, we provide custom data by product and/or brand. We can also provide data on our call center metrics, trends, and outcomes including patient adherence. Our goal is to provide actionable intelligence to support decision-making and strategy development.

We've been under rigorous review and continuously improve.

Professional Arts Pharmacy is accredited by URAC as a specialty pharmacy and mail order pharmacy as well as by ACHC as a compounding pharmacy. We chose to pursue these accreditations to show our commitment to adhere to industry best practices and constantly improve our processes and patient care.

We provide accessible care and patient support.

Our goal is for our patients to understand and use their therapy correctly because we know this will lead to positive therapy outcomes. We have patient management programs designed to assess that our education platforms are effective, improve compliance and adherence to therapy, and indicate if an intervention needs to occur. These high touch patient services make us an integral part of the patient care team.

We meet our patients where they are; whether that be providing a variety of communication methods or providing delivery services to their home. We offer in-store pickup, free local delivery via courier and common carrier shipping options. We have broad payor coverage and are licensed in 48 states, both of which allow us to provide excellent clinical care to a wide range of patients.