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Professional Arts Pharmacy offers a wide range of specialized medications and services to meet the unique needs of the patients and prescribers we serve.

The quality of our specialized services and medications has earned Professional Arts Pharmacy a reputation as the compounding and specialty pharmacy of choice for physicians and their patients with unique medical needs.

Our areas of specialty include custom medications to address specific medical conditions and symptoms – from skin infections to chronic sinusitis and more. After years of being medication problem solving specialists, we are now prescription insurance problem solving specialists. We work with physicians, patients' insurance plans, as well as drug manufactures to be sure patients have access to the lowest out of pocket cost available.




Our pharmacy provides directions that are the most appropriate general treatment steps to treat your condition with the medications prescribed. It is important to follow any specific directions given by your physician or healthcare practitioner.

For a thorough explanation when you receive your medication
please call 1-888-237-4737 and press “4” to speak with a Patient Care Coordinator.

If You Received A Compounded Medication

Compounding is a long-standing pharmacy practice that allows prescribers to treat their patients’ individual needs without being restricted to only off-the-shelf medications. Your medication was prepared specifically for you in our compounding pharmacy lab to meet the prescription specifications ordered by your prescriber. No standardized name, information or literature is available for compounds. However, we provide information for our most frequently dispensed compounded medications.

Please discuss your medication with your pharmacist or prescriber to assure that you understand:
  1. Why you have been prescribed a compounded medication

  2. How to properly take your medication

  3. The interactions, if any, your medication may have with any other medications you are currently taking


Call your pharmacist or prescriber if:
  1. You experience any side effects that are causing concern.

  2. You are taking additional medication that may interact with your compounded medicine

  3. You have allergies or other medical conditions that should be noted


Call your pharmacist if:
  1. Information on the label is not clear to you

  2. You have any concerns regarding precautions, ingredients or proper storage

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