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Nutritional Supplements

We solve health problems with natural solutions

It’s perfectly normal to have health issues. But they don’t all require a trip to the doctor’s office. Many common health problems, including pain, digestion, energy, sleep, weight, mood, and allergies can be addressed with natural, high quality, over the counter supplements. You’ll find those supplements in our lobby and right here in our online store www.ShopProfessionalArts.com 

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Rely on Us to be your Experts

Why take supplements? 

When we talk about dietary supplements we mean “in addition to the diet.”  A nutrient is any substance that provides nourishment that is essential for growth and maintenance of life.  Our bodies need vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids and other types of nutrients to live, grow and heal. 

Our diets often lack those nutrients, so we may need to add them in or “supplement.” In addition to poor diets, the following are reasons why we recommend getting nutrients from dietary supplements: 

  • Foods are processed in ways that strip away the nutrient value or add unnecessary chemicals

  • Soils depleted from overproduction may reduce food nutrient content 

  • Stress can deplete certain vitamins and minerals in our bodies 

  • Medications, caffeine, and alcohol can deplete nutrient levels in our bodies 

  • Aging reduces our body’s ability to make certain nutrients or convert them to their best absorbed version (bio-available active forms)

With this in mind, we can understand that adding in nutrients from a dietary supplement may help support our body systems and maintain optimal health! 

Other things to consider when taking supplements: 

  • Verify your supplement source is a good one, someone you trust. We only carry high-quality supplements from GMP certified manufacturers. 

  • Choose the more bioavailable forms: activated for vitamins and chelated for minerals.  This allows for better absorption and use by the body.

  • Consider drug interactions!  Even with supplements, drug interactions can be a concern. Check with a pharmacist or healthcare provider for drug interactions, especially if you are taking long term medications. 

  • Store your supplements in a clean, dry, temperature stable environment. Do not store them in the bathroom! This is one of the worst environments in the home for any medication. 

  • Check expiration or packaging dates on the bottle, and discard if appropriate

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