Dental Compounding Services

Custom Compounding for Dental Care

Compounding dental medications allows for customization of treatments, offering dentists the ability to treat and manage a wide variety of conditions such as procedural anxiety, pre and post procedural pain relief, and infectious and inflammatory conditions of the mouth. Dentists can also take advantage of flavored medications and alternative delivery methods, which can be particularly useful when treating children.

Custom Dental Compounding from Professional Arts Pharmacy

Professional Arts Pharmacy is an established leader in dental compounding, and a proven resource for providing dental professionals with the highest quality specialized medications and services including:

  • Customized compounded medications that are unavailable commercially, Difficult-to-Find, or Discontinued Medications.

  • Medications to suppress gag reflex, treat nausea, and reduce anxiety.

  • Prescription medications in strengths, dosages, forms and flavors tailored to the unique requirements of patients.

We offer compounded dental prescription medications in a variety of dosage forms including:

  • Flavored numbing gels and solutions 

  • Oral/lip: gels, ointments, balms, and pastes

  • Mucosal bandages 

  • Oral rinses or mouthwashes

  • Capsules (to be taken orally or mixed with a solution)

  • Flavored suspensions for sedation

  • Sub-lingual drops, lozenges and lollipops



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