Since co-founding Professional Arts Pharmacy in 1998, David Mayer, P.D., has been instrumental in developing its leadership, values, and commitment to quality.

With more than two decades of Executive experience, David’s most important responsibility is ensuring that Professional Arts’ reputation is predicated upon the consistent delivery of the Company’s promise of high-quality service and product delivery.

A strong advocate for Professional Arts’ dedication to those it serves, David believes a fundamental principle of any successful pharmacy is meeting its responsibilities under the physician-patient-pharmacy triad. Along with his partner, Eric Vidrine, David is a fundamental driver and inspirer of Professional Arts’ team and mission while overseeing the success of its operations on a day-to-day basis.

David says Professional Arts Pharmacy is skillful at finding the right people, putting them in the right role, and giving them incentives to thrive and grow and remain here helps creates continuity and makes people our most valuable asset.

David was awarded the DuPont Innovative Pharmacy Practice Award in 1999 and was Compounding Pharmacist of the Year by the Louisiana Pharmacist Association in 2008. David Mayer was raised in Washington, LA, and received his BS in Pharmacy from Northeast Louisiana in 1990.


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